Melania Trump Plastic Surgery – The Truth among Billion Dollars

Born with the name Melanija Knavs in 26th April 1970, MelaniaKnauss-Trump is a Slovenian former model and the current wife of American real estate magnate Donald Trump since their marriage in 2005. She met Donald Trump in the late 1990s and their relationship was built in her early career as a model. Their relationship received public attention following the launch of successful business-oriented reality television show, The Apprentice.

The couple became engaged in 2004 and married in 2005. The wedding ceremony was widely covered by international media with the fact that the bride wore a $200,000 wedding dress made by the house of Christian Dior. In 2006 Melania Trump gave birth to a son, Baron William Trump. Melania Trump began her career as a model following her graduation from University of Ljubijana for design and architecture. In the early times she worked as a model both in Milan and Paris before settling in New York City and leaving her birthplace. She was on the cover of several top international magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Ocean Drive, In Style, New York Magazine, Avenue, Allure, Vanity Fair, Self, Glamour, Elle, and 2000 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Following her decision to retire from modeling world, in 2010 Knauss-Trump announced the launch of a jewelry collection with QVC and finds herself as a business woman to develop the business.

Being a Faithful Wife

Rumor about plastic surgery towards model is not something new and unusual, as many of them really done several procedures in order to fulfill the demand of perfect look as a public figure. In the case of Melanie Trump, the decision to go under knife can be more than just maintaining her beauty as a former international model, but also keeping her position as Donald Trump’s safe.

From her photographs, there are not many significant changes in the look of the model, except the appearance of her breasts. In general, having thin body will cause quite flat chest, and it happened at the times before plastic surgery. It may be the demand of public attention and her attempt to keeps her husband happy with her that made her decided to do breast augmentation. After plastic surgery, she has bigger and rounder breasts, one clear sign which make people believe that the wife of the billionaire had done plastic surgery. With bigger size of her breasts, from her photographs also show how the model’s self-esteem increases, indicated from her brighter smiles.

Refined Facial Features

It seems that bigger breasts is not enough to make public happy, or at least, Donald Trump pleased. The model believed to have a Rhinoplasty in order to refine the form of her nose. Currently, as the result of plastic surgery, the mother of a son has more pinched nose tip and smaller bridge. Additionally, people also argue that Melanie had an attempt to make her lips thicker by having a lip injection as one of the procedures of plastic surgery. Pinched nose combined with thick lips belong to the criteria of beauty, and scalpel seems to be one of the best alternative for Melanie.

Then to maintain her youthfulness, Botox injection is done in her face and give her such a flawless feature. The photographs actually do not show significant change on her look, and everything looks fine and natural. The fine result of Melanie Trump after plastic surgery may be because of the high quality procedure and treatment that she had for her body. Such a fortune to Melanie that she will be able to get everything she wants for the sake of her look, for she has billion dollars in her hands. Find other related information about Melanie Trump Plastic Surgery at evercoream.

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