Melania Trump Plastic Surgery – The Truth among Billion Dollars

Born with the name Melanija Knavs in 26th April 1970, MelaniaKnauss-Trump is a Slovenian former model and the current wife of American real estate magnate Donald Trump since their marriage in 2005. She met Donald Trump in the late 1990s and their relationship was built in her early career as a model. Their relationship received public attention following the launch of successful business-oriented reality television show, The Apprentice.

The couple became engaged in 2004 and married in 2005. The wedding ceremony was widely covered by international media with the fact that the bride wore a $200,000 wedding dress made by the house of Christian Dior. In 2006 Melania Trump gave birth to a son, Baron William Trump. Melania Trump began her career as a model following her graduation from University of Ljubijana for design and architecture. In the early times she worked as a model both in Milan and Paris before settling in New York City and leaving her birthplace. She was on the cover of several top international magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Ocean Drive, In Style, New York Magazine, Avenue, Allure, Vanity Fair, Self, Glamour, Elle, and 2000 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Following her decision to retire from modeling world, in 2010 Knauss-Trump announced the launch of a jewelry collection with QVC and finds herself as a business woman to develop the business.

Being a Faithful Wife

Rumor about plastic surgery towards model is not something new and unusual, as many of them really done several procedures in order to fulfill the demand of perfect look as a public figure. In the case of Melanie Trump, the decision to go under knife can be more than just maintaining her beauty as a former international model, but also keeping her position as Donald Trump’s safe.

From her photographs, there are not many significant changes in the look of the model, except the appearance of her breasts. In general, having thin body will cause quite flat chest, and it happened at the times before plastic surgery. It may be the demand of public attention and her attempt to keeps her husband happy with her that made her decided to do breast augmentation. After plastic surgery, she has bigger and rounder breasts, one clear sign which make people believe that the wife of the billionaire had done plastic surgery. With bigger size of her breasts, from her photographs also show how the model’s self-esteem increases, indicated from her brighter smiles.

Refined Facial Features

It seems that bigger breasts is not enough to make public happy, or at least, Donald Trump pleased. The model believed to have a Rhinoplasty in order to refine the form of her nose. Currently, as the result of plastic surgery, the mother of a son has more pinched nose tip and smaller bridge. Additionally, people also argue that Melanie had an attempt to make her lips thicker by having a lip injection as one of the procedures of plastic surgery. Pinched nose combined with thick lips belong to the criteria of beauty, and scalpel seems to be one of the best alternative for Melanie.

Then to maintain her youthfulness, Botox injection is done in her face and give her such a flawless feature. The photographs actually do not show significant change on her look, and everything looks fine and natural. The fine result of Melanie Trump after plastic surgery may be because of the high quality procedure and treatment that she had for her body. Such a fortune to Melanie that she will be able to get everything she wants for the sake of her look, for she has billion dollars in her hands. Find other related information about Melanie Trump Plastic Surgery at evercoream.

Loni Anderson Plastic Surgery – What Went Wrong with Her?

Loni Anderson gain much popularity for her four-year run as Jennifer Marlowe, the resourceful receptionist on situation comedy WKRP in Cincinnati from 1978 to 1982 and for playing Pamela Anderson’s mother in one episode of TV series V.I.P. Anderson also made one live-action film together with her future husband, Burt Reynolds entitled Stroker Ace, the 1983 box office failure. They also worked together for All Dogs Go To Heaven, an animated children’s classic in 1989. From 1993 to 1994 following her divorce from Reynolds she played a regular role in the final season on the NBC sitcom Nurses. She worked with Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter in Partner in Crime, a 1984 television series. Her popularity started to decrease in the late 1990s as she only made a series of cameo appearances on television series until the early 2000s.

The shows including Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and V.I.P. The personal life of Anderson is one of the hottest gossips in Hollywood as the actress has been married four times, her first three marriages were to: Bruce Hasselberg which lasted from 1964 to 1966, Rose Bickell from 1973 to 1981 and the third was her partner in acting career, Burt Reynolds from 1988 to 1993. And currently, she is married to Bob Flick, one of the founder members of the folk band The Brothers Four. For forty years of her career as an actress, Anderson has been played in eight films, including Vigilante Force, StrokerAce, The Lonely Guy, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Coins in the Fountain, Munchie, 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain and A Night at the Roxbury.

It Doesn’t Seem Right At All

How to stay young and beautiful is one of the most recurring factors for someone to go under the knife, and it also happens in the case of Loni Anderson plastic surgery. The actress seems to be addicted to the physical beauty, and she did not doubt to do plastic surgery in order to get the look she wants to have. People believe that it is not what she actually want because the procedure does not let her to maintain her beauty, even break it all.

Based on, her first procedure taken is Botox injection which makes her face looks shiny and plumper. The actress hoped to be able to maintain the flawlessness of her facial skin by the injection, but the result of plastic surgery does not give her better look at all. Another obvious and significant change in Anderson’s face is her nose and lips. Loni Anderson had quite a big nose and thin lips, and Rhinoplasty was conducted until currently, she has a smaller nose which fits better with her face. While for her thicker lips, people believe that this is the result of plastic surgery, which is lip injection procedure.

Regret Comes in the End

The news about Loni Anderson ever concerning about breast implant which the actress had undergone in order to give her fuller and bigger size of breasts which consequently also raise her self-esteem. The result of plastic surgery for breast implant was quite good and worked well on her, but Anderson did not feel comfortable with it. Recently, Anderson decided to reduce the size of her ‘new’ breasts, and she loses the result of the breast implant which she had done previously. From Loni Anderson photographs show that when she was younger, she had quite small breast size, then it was refined as the result of plastic surgery, and recently the size is decreased again as she decided to take the implant out from her breasts. She has not given any official statement concerning her bad transformation, whether she feels sorry for everything she had done to her body, but she will never be able to hide the failure as she gets worse compare to Loni Anderson before plastic surgery.

Patricia Heaton Surgery Showing An Amazing Result

By becoming the cast of CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond as Debra Barone from 1996 to 2005, Patricia Heaton nominated in each of the series’ last seven seasons for the Primetime Emmy Award in a Comedy Series and winning the award twice in 2000 and 2001; also gained critical acclaim from the public. She has also collected 2 Viewers for Quality Television Awards and a Screen Actors Guild trophy for her appearance on the series. Heaton was graduated from Ohio State University majoring in drama and made her first appearance in the chorus of Don’t Get God Started in 1987. Her appearance on the show caught the eye of a casting director for the ABC drama thirty something, and she got her six appearances on the series from 1989 to 1991. In her early career, she mostly appeared as a guest on several TV series including Alien Nation, Matlock, Party of Five, Danny Phantom and the King of Queens.

It mostly appears on TV series, Heaton also featured in some films including Memoirs of an Invisible Man, The New Age, Beethoven, and Space Jam. Besides a successful career as an actress, Heaton also well-known for her work as a producer for the 2005 documentary The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania and also became one of the producers of Amazing Grace. For her returning performance to the stage in the Off Broadway play The Scene, she was nominated for the Lucille Lortel Awards. In 2011 Heaton was placed #24 on the list of TV guide Network special, Funniest Women on TV. Heaton received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in May 2012. The star is located 6533 Hollywood Boulevard.

Successful Story of Plastic Surgery

During her career, Heaton is known as a nice person, and everyone loves her appearance in Everybody Loves Raymond. And the result of plastic surgery is also nice to be seen, not only to be discussed. Patricia Heaton photographs recently spreading on the Internet, and everybody loves Heaton with her new look. Compare to before plastic surgery, there were several procedures that the actress had done, but all of them applied in perfect measurement which resulted in such a perfect transformation. For her face, Heaton had Botox, and facial injections to maintain her cheerful look and Patricia Heaton appears fresher and younger. Along with that Heaton also underwent a lip injection procedure in order to give thicker lips compare to before plastic surgery. By all those procedures, people suggest that in other word Heaton had done a facial reconstruction; which certainly successful and works well on her.

Patricia Heaton Body Refinement

Body size and look are another important things for a woman, especially for those who are just given a birth. The actress has to deal with several procedures of plastic surgery in order to get refined body following the birth of her son. From Patricia Heaton photographs, it can be observed that there is a reduction in the size of Heaton’s breasts. It is because she felt unhappy with her breasts which hanging unpleasantly and her current look is the good result of plastic surgery. Additionally, Patricia Heaton had excessive accumulated fat around the waist, also following her pregnancy. Liposuction is the procedure chosen by Heaton to remove all those unwanted things on her body. Everything looks better; younger and fresher face combine with slim body, and no one can deny Heaton’s successful story of plastic surgery.

Melissa Rivers, Like Mother Like Daughter

Melissa Rivers is the stage name of Melissa Warburg Rosenberg, an American actress, television host and producer, and philanthropist. She is the only daughter of comedian Joan Rivers and producer Edgar Rosenberg. She began her career as a public figure in 1983 and took on her mother’s stage surname and known as Melissa Rivers since 1990. She had roles in television shows including Beverly Hills, 90210, Silk Stalkings, The Comeback. In 1994 she worked with her mother in a celebrity docudrama Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story. Besides her acting career, Rivers has hosted various events and served as a producer for the E! Network since the 1990s.

Her name gained much popularity and critical acclaims for she hosted tow of the E! Network highest-rated specials, Oh Baby! Melissa’s Guide to Pregnancy and Oh Toddler! Surviving the Early Years. For the channel, she also worked with her mother by hosting fashion on the red carpet interviews in 2003. Rivers also becomes a regular guest on the webcast show Tom Green’s House Tonight. In philanthropy activities, Rivers appeared in a PETA anti-fur ad campaign to encourage consumers to ‘Fake it… For the Animal’s Sake.” She also raised $22,250 on a special celebrity edition of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Following Steps of Her Mother

The news about Melissa Rivers plastic surgery is actually not a surprising thing because dealing with a scalpel is not a new activity for the Rivers family. During her life, Joan Rivers has been widely known as a comedian who had found herself addicted to plastic surgery and conducted several procedures in order to have a better look. Joan Rivers had turned her beautiful and elegant look into disastrous appearance for the overdone plastic surgery, but it does not make Melissa in doubt to follow her mother’s steps.

We can easily notice the significant changes in before and after plastic surgery images. There are several procedures of plastic surgery, which two of them were undergoing when she was a teenager. As a teen, Rivers decided to have a nose job, and a breast job and her current look is the result of plastic surgery. Then, as she grows older, Rivers realized that she could no longer maintain her natural beauty as the emergence of aging signs like wrinkles, lines, and crow feet lines on her face. And by comparing the looks of Melissa Rivers, we can see that the actress has gained the benefit of Botox injection to remove the aging signs from her face and make it flawless. Now Melissa Rivers looks fresher and younger than she is supposed to be at the age of 46.

Self-Confident Problem

Just like her mother did during her life, the actress admitted openly to the public that her plastic surgery is really a fact. She even mentioned how she and her mother was suffered from low self-esteem for being born to a family who inherited small, round and fat body features. Being a public figure is not easy, how they are surrounded by tall and beautiful women and have to compete with them. Plastic surgery procedures were proven to be one of the best solutions for Joan and Melissa, as, after plastic surgery, she gains more self-confident with better appearance. Compared to her mother, the changes of Melissa Rivers is actually not really significant as the actress keeps some parts of her bodies to form naturally as she grows older. One thing that Melissa Rivers should learn is that how she manages her own thoughts not to be a plastic surgery addict like her mother and turns herself into a woman with the monstrous look.

Paula White Plastic Surgery – Pressure and Pressure

Paula White is an international Christian evangelist and teacher, TV personality, author, and philanthropist. Currently, she is the Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Florida. This is a non-denominational, multi-cultural church whose membership ranges in the thousands. As a TV personality, White hosts a television show titled Paula White Today along with appearing as a guest on the Steve Harvey Show, Trumpet Awards, and Larry King Life. During her career, she has received many awards for her work. In delivering her sermon, White’s style has been described as humorous and candid. She frequently tells about her harsh childhood during her sermon, how her parents’ marriage was broken, her father committed suicide, and her mother was an alcoholic.

She also experienced of sexual and physical abuse between the ages of six and thirteen during her life under the guidance of caregivers. In her eighteen years, she was introduced to the gospel and became a Christian following the remarriage of her mother and their move to Washington D.C. Her early career as an evangelist began by becoming a part of the National Church of God in Fort Washington and a small church in Gaithersburg-Damascus, Maryland. In 1991 Paula and her then-husband, Randy White founded Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida. White has also ministered to some well-known public figures including Michael Jackson, Donald Trump, Gary Sheffield and Darryl Strawberry.

Hard Life Has Not Coming to an End

White has been using the tale of her harsh childhood to motivate the people, but for her, the hard life is actually still going on. Especially concerning the rumor of Paula White plastic surgery, the life of the pastor feels burdening. People believe that White has conducted cosmetic surgery in order to cope the demand of TV business, and several photographs of Paula White started to spread on the Internet. From those images, it is apparent that the pastor has done several procedures of plastic surgery, at least facelift, cheek implants, lip fillers, and Botox. Currently, White has the fresh and younger look compared with Paula before plastic surgery. It just does not make sense how a woman can have younger look as she grows older. After plastic surgery., she successfully maintains her natural beauty with a flawless face as the results of facelift and Botox injection, while cheek implant gives her a bit rising cheeks which give her the impression of youthfulness and cheerfulness.

Hard Choice for the Pastor

Following the emergence of plastic surgery rumor and the publications of before and after plastic surgery photographs, people are now talking about White in such a cynical way. Some of them think that it is not a good thing for a religious public figure like White to have plastic surgery as it may relate to their beliefs and faiths. However, it seems that there is no other way for White except having done plastic surgery as her sermon is televised and people need to watch her in fine and good-looking appearance. It is also reported that before plastic surgery she had suffered from depression following her step-daughter illness and cosmetic surgery is one of the ways she had to cope it. But even after plastic surgery, the critics not only come from general people but also her evangelical followers. Hopefully, she will find a way to solve of her problems of life without letting herself getting addicted to plastic surgery. 


Linda Kozlowski Lose the Natural Beauty

Kozlowski decided to get retire from her acting career in 2001 after twenty years journey which earned her a Golden Globe Award nomination. She made her debut in the 1981-1982 off-Broadway production, How It All Began. She played the role of Miss Forsythe on Broadway show of Death of a Salesman in 1984 and appeared in the same role in its film version in the following year. Kozlowski gained much popularity in 1986 for her role in the Australian film Crocodile Dundee and the screen chemistry she had with her opposite cast, Paul Hogan, continued to a real relationship. Following the production of the sequel, Crocodile Dundee II, in which Kozlowski played the same role, she appointed to be the cast of several movies. In 1990 she appeared in Almost an Angel, Backstreet Justice and The Neighbor in 1994, and Village of the Damned in 1995. In 2001 she played again with Hogan in Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles but did not make a fantastic impression, and the film becomes the least successful of the trilogy. The actress decided to leave the acting career in which she gained much popularity because of her dissatisfaction with the roles she was getting.

One of the Worst

People have missed the star of Crocodile Dundee for some years following her retirement from acting career. And when she publicly reappeared, people were shocked by what they have seen. And later on, the entertainment media news headlines were full of rumor about Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery. It is not supposed to be called as a rumor anyway because, from the photographs of Linda Kozlowski, everything is clear, she had an overdone plastic surgery procedures. Not only one procedure had been done by the actress, but people believe that there was varied kind of surgery which had to change her look, and the assumption was supported by the commentary from plastic surgery expert.

Rhinoplasty is believed to be one of the most obvious procedures in her plastic surgery. Previously before plastic surgery, she had a bit unfitting nasal feature, but everything looks natural. The current form of her nose is narrower and looked unnatural, one clear sign of a nose job. If you observe the images of Linda Kozlowski before and after plastic surgery thoroughly, you will notice that there is a significant change in the position of her Kozlowski’s facial features. This is the result of plastic surgery as she had done brow lift and eye lift, as a way that some people had in order to give a younger look.

Young is Unreachable Again

After her dissatisfaction feeling with her roles she was getting during her acting career and separation from her husband, Kozlowski seems to be addicted to the superficial thing, reflected in her plastic surgery which is conducted in an overdone way. Besides her attempt to make a perfect form of facial features, Kozlowski also wanted to be ageless, to stay young and beautiful. The current look of the actress is the result of plastic surgery, especially for dermal injections which she has had to her face including Juvederm and Restylane. The signs of that procedure are obvious enough to be examined from her images, like fleshy and fuller cheeks. It gives her such an unnatural and strange look for her. While she also gets her lips much thicker, one actual proof of lip injection procedure. On the other hand, the star of Crocodile Dundee also seems to gain benefit from Botox injection to her forehead which looks flawless without any wrinkles and signs as the result of plastic surgery.

It seemed that it was not easy for Kozlowski to resist her ambition of stay young and beautiful, and now it will be hard for her to defend herself from the cynical commentaries by the people about her terrible look.

Reba McEntire, Ageless Fame and Beauty

Reba Neil McEntire was born on March 28, 1955, and began her career in the music industry when she was a high school student by singing in the Kiowa High School band on local radio shows and at rodeos. In 1975 McEntire signed a contract with Mercury Record and released her first solo album two years later. In total, McEntire has released 28 studio albums, 3 live albums, 13 compilation albums and 11 video albums. Of these albums, 27 of them have received a certification of at least Gold from the Recording Industry Association of America. The highest certified album is the 1993 compilation Greatest Hits Volume Two which sold five million copies. McEntire has also held several major awards and nominations including a two-time Grammy Award, several awards from The Country Music Association.

From 1984 to present, Reba has won at least one award every year, and he has won over 90 awards. McEntire has sometimes been referred to as ‘The Queen of Country’ and becomes one of the best-selling artists of all time by having sold more than 80 million records worldwide. Besides her successful musical career, McEntire is also taking some parts in an acting career since the early 1990sby appearing in some films, television shows, and theater stages.  She starred in her television sitcom Reba from 2001 to 2007, for which she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series-Musical or Comedy. In 2011, the Country Music Association officially announced that McEntire would be inducted into the Country Music Hollywood Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.

Unbelievably Young

McEntire’s achievement as a country musician is undoubtedly wonderful with series of awards and best-seller albums during her career. Despite that, plastic surgery is one of the most discussed rumors in Hollywood entertainment media. The country singer has experienced a quite long career from 1975, and she is no longer a young woman. However, from the before and after plastic surgery, we can observe how the country queen looks even younger recently. Of course, it cannot be happening without the help of plastic surgery, and let’s see what she had done to deal with aging marks.

Reba McEntire is a very attractive woman with green eyes and brown hair, and aging signs seems to be one of the things that McEntire has to erase in order to keep her beauty shines on stage. Botox and facelift are the most common procedures taken by anyone who fights against aging signs like wrinkles and lines. And the flawless facial skin of the country queen indicates that it is the result of after plastic surgery. On the other hand, McEntire current nose has more pinched tip compare to before plastic surgery, making people believe that she had done Rhinoplasty in order to reform her nasal feature.

From A to C Cup

Another significant change which can be observed from Reba McEntire photographs is how her breasts get fuller and bigger, from A to C cup. No wonder that people start to argue that the queen of the country had done breast augmentation in order to give her fresher and healthier look like a young woman. The procedure seems to work well on her, as when we compare her current look with her past look, the singer actually looks more beautiful and attractive. Best luck for the country queen, as Reba McEntire plastic surgery is considered as one of the most successful stories of cosmetic surgery in Hollywood.

Linda Thompson, The Fading Beauty of Elvis’ Girl

Linda Thompson is an American actress, lyricist and beauty pageant winner. Her name rose to international fame as Elvis Presley’s girlfriend after he separated from his wife. Linda has an older brother, Sam Thompson, who was of Elvis’ bodyguards on tour from 1972-1976, then appointed as Elvis’ personal body guard from 1976 until his death. She did not finish her education in the theater and English major at Memphis State University due to her meeting with Elvis with 12 credits short of graduating. Thompson was known as a woman who wins several beauty pageants, especially during her school year. She held the title of 1969 Miss Beauty County of her birthplace, Memphis, Tennessee. She also held several other titles, including ‘Miss Liberty Bowl,’ ‘Memphis State’s Golf Queen,’ ‘Miss Okra,’ Memphis State University Homecoming Court and many others. In 1970 Thompson was named as ‘Miss Memphis State University’ and third runner up in the Miss Tennessee pageant in the same year; the competition is part of Miss American pageant.

However, according to Miss Tennessee pageant records, Thompson never won the competition. In a Larry King show interview which aired in 2002, Thompson claimed that she did win the Miss Tennessee Universe Pageant in 1972. In 1977 Thompson made her debut in television show by appearing regularly on the TV series Hee Haw. She also played little part in several high-rated TV series including Starsky and Hutch, Vega$, Fantasy Island, The Fall Guy and Beverly Hills, 90210. She appeared as herself in the reality TV series in 2010 and 2011. In musical career, she began writing lyric for Kenny Rogers single Our Perfect Song in 1985. Some hits song are the work of Thompson, and she along with Foster shared the 2003 Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics for The Concert for World Children’s Day.

Maybe Elvis Does Not Want to See Her Again

Becoming the queen of some beauty pageant, young Thompson was a very pretty woman with natural beauty shone from her face. As she grows older, some wrinkles and lines started to appear and gradually stealing her beauty. And plastic surgery is chosen as the solution to maintain her beauty, even though the result does not say the same. People strongly believe that the current look of the actress is the result of plastic surgery and it seems to be a bit overdone.

From the Linda Thompson before and after plastic surgery photographs, it is easy to see the gradual change of her face and body from she was young until now at her age of 63. One of the significant change in Thompson’s look is how her face looks tight and pulled. It is supposed to be the result of plastic surgery, a sign of having a facelift and cheek augmentation. It gives her different look compared to before plastic surgery, how currently she has her cheeks a bit higher and look plumped, combine with flawless facial skin as the effect of a facelift.

Another plastic surgery procedure is blepharoplasty or eyelid lift. As the result of the procedure, we can see that after plastic surgery successfully erase the crow’s feet lines by pulling up the eyelid area a little. By comparing before and after plastic surgery, it is obvious that the actress had done a nose job in order to get the narrower bridge and pinched tip and consequently it gives significant change on her facial features and overall look. She is now totally different because the natural beauty which she had before plastic surgery has been erased, and maybe even if Elvis still alive, he does not want to see the beauty queen who has turned into a woman with the disastrous look.

Is plumper Better?

Besides a significant change on her looks, plumper face is one of the consequences of Linda Thompson plastic surgery for having Botox injection in order to maintain her youthful look. However, it does not seem to be such a good thing for her.

Lesley Stahl, An Ageless Beauty of Journalist

Lesley Stahl is an American television journalist who started her career in the field since 1983 and widely known for her credit in CBS newsmagazine program 60 Minutes from 1991 up to today. Stahl was an honor graduate of Wheaton College in the History major. Following her graduation, she began her television broadcasting career at Channel 5, WHDH-TV as a producer and on-air reporter. In 1972 she joined CBS News and became a correspondent in 1974. The name of the journalist grew prominently as she covered the Watergate affair in which she became White House correspondent. She also was the moderator of Face the Nation during 1983 to 1991 and hosted 48 Hours Investigates from 2002 to 2004. Besides her appearance as a TV presenter and journalist, Stahl also played a role as herself in the episode of Frasier, in the episode ‘Desperately Seeking Closure’ in 1998. In 1999 Stahl released her book entitled Reporting Live that covers her experience and career as a journalist.

Stahl is one of the prominent public figures who concerns on the gender equality concerning the education and job opportunity for women. In her early career, she credits her CBS News hire to the Federal Communication Commission’s 1972 inclusion of women. She also becomes one of the founding members of, a website for women to talk about politics, culture, and gossip. Additionally, Stahl also appointed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a part of the Board of Selectors of Jefferson Awards for Public Service.

70’s and Beautiful

Do you ever realize that Stahl is already 73 years old? No? It maybe because the journalist looks so young and ageless. This fact emerged the rumor of Lesley Stahl plastic surgery on the international news media. Like it or not, being a TV host or presenter is actually not immune towards rumor or speculation, like artist or entertainer, and as one of the senior American journalist, she also becomes one of the most discussed personal. Lesley Stahl after plastic surgery gradually looks younger and younger as the years passed, something which is totally unnatural. Normally people will lose their beauty as they grow old because of the saggy skin, wrinkles, and lines. But Lesley Stahl before and after plastic surgery comparison shows that facelift may be one of the best alternatives in erasing all kinds of aging signs and maintain the beauty. The proof is clear; now she looks like a young woman with flawless facial skin. And the case of her plastic surgery is the real example of how appearance is one of essential things for someone who is dedicating their life in front of the screen.

Everything Looks Good

Fortunately for Stahl, the facelift procedure seems to works well for her and give a good result. Nothing looks overdone, and the pretty look which she had does not seem to be decreased; she even make people, and her fans astonished with her ageless beauty. From the images of Lesley Stahl, we can see that the journalist still has the fresh eyes and bright smile, just like she never do any plastic surgery procedure at all. Hopefully, her attempt to stay young and entertain all of her fans will not drive her to have overdone works for her physical appearance, since if it is overdone, she may lose everything she has, from beauty to fame.

Michelle Pfeiffer Perfect Transformation

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is an American actress and singer who made her film debut in 1980 in The Hollywood Knights and gained popular fame for her breakout appearance in Scarface; Batman Returns, What Lies Beneath and Hairspray. Preceding her career as an actress, Pfeiffer won the Miss Orange County beauty pageant in 1978 and participated in Miss California in the same year, finishing in the sixth position. By her participation in these beauty pageants, she acquired an acting agent and began to audition for television and films to open up her acting career. In 1979Pfeiffer was one of the several candidates to audition as a replacement for Kate Jackson on the television series Charlie’s Angels, but the part went to Shelley Hack.

She realized that her acting performance was not good enough, as all of the films she cast in during her early career met much critical or box office success. Pfeiffer was then took acting lessons at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and found herself to be appointed for a major film role as Stephanie Zinone in Grease 2. During her long and challenging career as an actress, Pfeiffer has won varied awards including the Golden Globe Award, the BAFTA Award, and Best Actress awards. Pfeiffer has received three Academy Award nominations; Best Supporting Actress for Dangerous Liaisons, Best Actress for The Fabulous Boys and Love Field.

One of the Best in the History

Besides the long career of the actress, one of the most-discussed news about her is plastic surgery. It is not a secret anymore that the actress has had done several procedures in order to get her current look like the result of plastic surgery. On the Internet, we can easily check and observe the before and after plastic surgery comparison, and see how the transformation from years to years goes almost perfect. Pfeiffer even stated in a magazine interview that it is not a problem for someone to have plastic surgery, especially if they are happy with their new look. This is the basic reason which ensured plastic surgery to be done. In the first place, it is quite obvious that Michelle Pfeiffer had round nose tip, and with the help of scalpel and Rhinoplasty procedure, after plastic surgery has more pinched nose and elegant look. Facelift and Botox injection are other procedures of plastic surgery, proven by how the actress successfully erase the wrinkles on her forehead and also smiling lines around her lips and nose.

Much Benefits for the Actress

Up to today, Pfeiffer has not publicly admitted to giving a clear light about the rumor of plastic surgery. However, people still believe that the perfect transformation of Michelle Pfeiffer cannot happen without the help of professional surgeon and high-quality procedures and treatment. She seems to gain many benefits from the procedures, from Rhinoplasty, facelift, to Botox injection as her look is more refined and better compare to before plastic surgery, especially the time when she struggled in the early years of her acting career. People even consider Pfeiffer to be one of the celebrities who look much more beautiful after plastic surgery, among many unsuccessful stories of the surgical procedure. Hopefully, the perfect result of Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery will stay longer because, of course, we won’t hear any news that Pfeiffer has turned into a weird looking woman as the consequence of plastic surgery.