Linda Thompson, The Fading Beauty of Elvis’ Girl

Linda Thompson is an American actress, lyricist and beauty pageant winner. Her name rose to international fame as Elvis Presley’s girlfriend after he separated from his wife. Linda has an older brother, Sam Thompson, who was of Elvis’ bodyguards on tour from 1972-1976, then appointed as Elvis’ personal body guard from 1976 until his death. She did not finish her education in the theater and English major at Memphis State University due to her meeting with Elvis with 12 credits short of graduating. Thompson was known as a woman who wins several beauty pageants, especially during her school year. She held the title of 1969 Miss Beauty County of her birthplace, Memphis, Tennessee. She also held several other titles, including ‘Miss Liberty Bowl,’ ‘Memphis State’s Golf Queen,’ ‘Miss Okra,’ Memphis State University Homecoming Court and many others. In 1970 Thompson was named as ‘Miss Memphis State University’ and third runner up in the Miss Tennessee pageant in the same year; the competition is part of Miss American pageant.

However, according to Miss Tennessee pageant records, Thompson never won the competition. In a Larry King show interview which aired in 2002, Thompson claimed that she did win the Miss Tennessee Universe Pageant in 1972. In 1977 Thompson made her debut in television show by appearing regularly on the TV series Hee Haw. She also played little part in several high-rated TV series including Starsky and Hutch, Vega$, Fantasy Island, The Fall Guy and Beverly Hills, 90210. She appeared as herself in the reality TV series in 2010 and 2011. In musical career, she began writing lyric for Kenny Rogers single Our Perfect Song in 1985. Some hits song are the work of Thompson, and she along with Foster shared the 2003 Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics for The Concert for World Children’s Day.

Maybe Elvis Does Not Want to See Her Again

Becoming the queen of some beauty pageant, young Thompson was a very pretty woman with natural beauty shone from her face. As she grows older, some wrinkles and lines started to appear and gradually stealing her beauty. And plastic surgery is chosen as the solution to maintain her beauty, even though the result does not say the same. People strongly believe that the current look of the actress is the result of plastic surgery and it seems to be a bit overdone.

From the Linda Thompson before and after plastic surgery photographs, it is easy to see the gradual change of her face and body from she was young until now at her age of 63. One of the significant change in Thompson’s look is how her face looks tight and pulled. It is supposed to be the result of plastic surgery, a sign of having a facelift and cheek augmentation. It gives her different look compared to before plastic surgery, how currently she has her cheeks a bit higher and look plumped, combine with flawless facial skin as the effect of a facelift.

Another plastic surgery procedure is blepharoplasty or eyelid lift. As the result of the procedure, we can see that after plastic surgery successfully erase the crow’s feet lines by pulling up the eyelid area a little. By comparing before and after plastic surgery, it is obvious that the actress had done a nose job in order to get the narrower bridge and pinched tip and consequently it gives significant change on her facial features and overall look. She is now totally different because the natural beauty which she had before plastic surgery has been erased, and maybe even if Elvis still alive, he does not want to see the beauty queen who has turned into a woman with the disastrous look.

Is plumper Better?

Besides a significant change on her looks, plumper face is one of the consequences of Linda Thompson plastic surgery for having Botox injection in order to maintain her youthful look. However, it does not seem to be such a good thing for her.

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