Lesley Stahl, An Ageless Beauty of Journalist

Lesley Stahl is an American television journalist who started her career in the field since 1983 and widely known for her credit in CBS newsmagazine program 60 Minutes from 1991 up to today. Stahl was an honor graduate of Wheaton College in the History major. Following her graduation, she began her television broadcasting career at Channel 5, WHDH-TV as a producer and on-air reporter. In 1972 she joined CBS News and became a correspondent in 1974. The name of the journalist grew prominently as she covered the Watergate affair in which she became White House correspondent. She also was the moderator of Face the Nation during 1983 to 1991 and hosted 48 Hours Investigates from 2002 to 2004. Besides her appearance as a TV presenter and journalist, Stahl also played a role as herself in the episode of Frasier, in the episode ‘Desperately Seeking Closure’ in 1998. In 1999 Stahl released her book entitled Reporting Live that covers her experience and career as a journalist.

Stahl is one of the prominent public figures who concerns on the gender equality concerning the education and job opportunity for women. In her early career, she credits her CBS News hire to the Federal Communication Commission’s 1972 inclusion of women. She also becomes one of the founding members of wowOwow.com, a website for women to talk about politics, culture, and gossip. Additionally, Stahl also appointed as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a part of the Board of Selectors of Jefferson Awards for Public Service.

70’s and Beautiful

Do you ever realize that Stahl is already 73 years old? No? It maybe because the journalist looks so young and ageless. This fact emerged the rumor of Lesley Stahl plastic surgery on the international news media. Like it or not, being a TV host or presenter is actually not immune towards rumor or speculation, like artist or entertainer, and as one of the senior American journalist, she also becomes one of the most discussed personal. Lesley Stahl after plastic surgery gradually looks younger and younger as the years passed, something which is totally unnatural. Normally people will lose their beauty as they grow old because of the saggy skin, wrinkles, and lines. But Lesley Stahl before and after plastic surgery comparison shows that facelift may be one of the best alternatives in erasing all kinds of aging signs and maintain the beauty. The proof is clear; now she looks like a young woman with flawless facial skin. And the case of her plastic surgery is the real example of how appearance is one of essential things for someone who is dedicating their life in front of the screen.

Everything Looks Good

Fortunately for Stahl, the facelift procedure seems to works well for her and give a good result. Nothing looks overdone, and the pretty look which she had does not seem to be decreased; she even make people, and her fans astonished with her ageless beauty. From the images of Lesley Stahl, we can see that the journalist still has the fresh eyes and bright smile, just like she never do any plastic surgery procedure at all. Hopefully, her attempt to stay young and entertain all of her fans will not drive her to have overdone works for her physical appearance, since if it is overdone, she may lose everything she has, from beauty to fame.

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