Michelle Pfeiffer Perfect Transformation

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is an American actress and singer who made her film debut in 1980 in The Hollywood Knights and gained popular fame for her breakout appearance in Scarface; Batman Returns, What Lies Beneath and Hairspray. Preceding her career as an actress, Pfeiffer won the Miss Orange County beauty pageant in 1978 and participated in Miss California in the same year, finishing in the sixth position. By her participation in these beauty pageants, she acquired an acting agent and began to audition for television and films to open up her acting career. In 1979Pfeiffer was one of the several candidates to audition as a replacement for Kate Jackson on the television series Charlie’s Angels, but the part went to Shelley Hack.

She realized that her acting performance was not good enough, as all of the films she cast in during her early career met much critical or box office success. Pfeiffer was then took acting lessons at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and found herself to be appointed for a major film role as Stephanie Zinone in Grease 2. During her long and challenging career as an actress, Pfeiffer has won varied awards including the Golden Globe Award, the BAFTA Award, and Best Actress awards. Pfeiffer has received three Academy Award nominations; Best Supporting Actress for Dangerous Liaisons, Best Actress for The Fabulous Boys and Love Field.

One of the Best in the History

Besides the long career of the actress, one of the most-discussed news about her is plastic surgery. It is not a secret anymore that the actress has had done several procedures in order to get her current look like the result of plastic surgery. On the Internet, we can easily check and observe the before and after plastic surgery comparison, and see how the transformation from years to years goes almost perfect. Pfeiffer even stated in a magazine interview that it is not a problem for someone to have plastic surgery, especially if they are happy with their new look. This is the basic reason which ensured plastic surgery to be done. In the first place, it is quite obvious that Michelle Pfeiffer had round nose tip, and with the help of scalpel and Rhinoplasty procedure, after plastic surgery has more pinched nose and elegant look. Facelift and Botox injection are other procedures of plastic surgery, proven by how the actress successfully erase the wrinkles on her forehead and also smiling lines around her lips and nose.

Much Benefits for the Actress

Up to today, Pfeiffer has not publicly admitted to giving a clear light about the rumor of plastic surgery. However, people still believe that the perfect transformation of Michelle Pfeiffer cannot happen without the help of professional surgeon and high-quality procedures and treatment. She seems to gain many benefits from the procedures, from Rhinoplasty, facelift, to Botox injection as her look is more refined and better compare to before plastic surgery, especially the time when she struggled in the early years of her acting career. People even consider Pfeiffer to be one of the celebrities who look much more beautiful after plastic surgery, among many unsuccessful stories of the surgical procedure. Hopefully, the perfect result of Michelle Pfeiffer plastic surgery will stay longer because, of course, we won’t hear any news that Pfeiffer has turned into a weird looking woman as the consequence of plastic surgery.

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